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How can we help you?


Our value and access teams provide a full range of market access services in an integrated model.
We combine strong technical capabilities in real-world evidence development, health-economic analysis
and advanced analytic methods with our deep relationships in the payer/HTA community.


Leveraging best-in-class capabilities in modelling, simulation, mathematics and Bayesian statistics,
Analytica Laser employs advanced analytics frameworks and proprietary software
to study and predict real world outcomes for drug value assessment.


Drawing on decades of experience with a wide variety of real-world data sources,
we can offer solutions for every need: from niche needs identification, justifying access,
differentiating value, quantifying an opportunity to demonstrating benefit/risk.

| Why Us?

As a global leader in population health intelligence, we’re committed to providing the highest level of scientific evidence on the real-world value of medicines and health technologies. Every day our work directly benefits millions of patients in advancing access to new therapies that are safer, more convenient and more affordable.

Analytica Laser is widely considered to be a pioneer in leveraging evidence-based methodologies in health systems throughout Europe, North America and MEA. Our regional teams excel at assessing the value of medicines and health technologies through an unmatched combination of research expertise, sophisticated analytics, advanced pharmaco-epidemiology, public health intelligence, health economics and massive experience in pricing and market access strategy.

| We help you assess and demonstrate value from early development to post-launch commitments.

Global Presence

With eight offices across Europe & North America and an unparalleled global experience, Analytica Laser is well-positioned to provide strategic consulting and scientific research services to the global health care industry. Our consulting, research and data services are currently employed by the leading biopharma and public health innovators in over 20 countries.

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EU Commission released model on HTA cooperation in Europe

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Conferences & Events

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Analytica Laser’s Drivers of Effectiveness featured in IMI initiative

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